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Dark Chocolates, Semi-Sweet


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Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters (Cream Centers)
left_img A vanilla cream center covered with a blend of fresh ground peanuts and semi-sweet dark chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 203
Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters
Fresh Roasted And Lightly Salted Pecans, Dipped In Our Creamy Pure Dark Chocolate. This Item Is One Of Our Top Requested Pieces! Enjoy:)
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 222
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Creams
A dark chocolate coated cream center, flavored with the purest of oil of peppermint. right_img
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 204
Dark Chocolate Raisin
Large juicy raisins, then added to our dark chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 217
Dark Chocolate Red Raspberry
left_img Fresh red raspberry puree, cooked and mixed to a creamy delight and coated in dark chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 214
Dark Chocolate Vanilla Creams
left_img Sometimes known as Orientals. A light vanilla flavored cream center coated in dark chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 207
Pretzel Delights(white chocolate coated)
left_img Fresh ground pretzels mixed with a white creamy coating.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 216
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