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Milk Chocolates


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Enjoy Heggy's Milk Chocolate candies for any occasion or as a heart felt gift. Please place your order as full pound orders. Half pound orders cannot be fulfilled and will delay your delivery. Thank you for shopping at Heggys.com.

Milk Chocolate Brownie Creams
A rich chocolate flavored center made with the finest dairy cream. right_img
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 119
Milk Chocolate Butter Creams
A light brown sugar center made with fresh dairy cream, enrobed in our pure milk chocolate! right_img
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 102
Milk Chocolate Cherry Creams
left_img A vanilla cream center with chopped red cherries added.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 114
Milk Chocolate Coated Caramels
Our own vanilla flavored caramels coated in the best of pure milk chocolate. right_img
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 111
Milk Chocolate Coated Peanuts
Fresh roasted and salted peanuts, dipped in pure milk chocolate. A hot item anytime of the year! right_img
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 113
Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins
left_img Plump California raisins dipped in our finest milk chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 116
Milk Chocolate Coconut Creams
left_img Coconut flavored cream center sealed in our creamy milk chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 108
Milk Chocolate Crunch
left_img Small bits of buttery peanut brittle, dipped in our pure milk chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 101
Milk Chocolate Haystack (coconut)
left_img Large sweet shredded white coconut mixed with our milk chocolate.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 112
Milk Chocolate Jersey Creams
left_img A butter cream center made with white sugar and fresh dairy cream.
Price: $13.40 Stock #: 106
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